BSL platform balance. Mod. BPF-2

  • Model only weight.
  • Carbon steel structures with extra-resistant epoxy paint, galvanized treatment for the BPF-2 model
  • Adjustable feet with non-slip rubber base.
  • Built-in column for weight indicator or platform independent indicator.
  • 220 VAC power digital weight indicator.
  • Waterproof plastic swingarm.
  • Display led 5 digits 1/2 “high.
  • Front keyboard (zero, tare, imp) with high resistance membrane.
  • RS232 serial communication port for connection to PC or printer.
  • Removable carbon steel receiver cover with epoxy paint, and stainless for the BPF-2 model
  • High resolution aluminum load cell.
  • Overload protection stops.

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