Terms and conditions of BSL website.

The images of the exhibited products are just for advertising purposes; they are merely illustrative. It may be differences in the real images, measure and characteristics of the products. Modifications in the shape, measure or technical characteristics may suddenly occur. The current catalogue /website may be suppressed at any time and the information contained therein could suffer total or partial modification without notice by SAHILICES PUNTANO SRL and this will not generate any case of right to compensation in favor of third parties. SAHILICES PUNTANO SRL will not be responsible for any damage or detriment which could come from the knowledge or use of the information in this catalogue / website.
Only users registered in our website may acquire the products sell through this website.
Registration in our website is free. Nevertheless, SAHILICES PUNTANO SRL reserves the right to modify, change, add or delete the terms and conditions of access as well as the terms and conditions of selling at any time and it may also establish new terms and conditions that will be published in the website.
The register and the products that are sold through the website are only for those users who live in Argentina, have a deliver address in our country and have fiscal condition in AFIP. It is not possible to make any transaction with foreign residents.
Registration acceptance is a sole decision of SAHILICES PUNTANO SRL, for this reason any registration request could be rejected or a user registration could be canceled without mention a reason and this will not result in any right to compensation or redress in favor of the registered user.
SAHILICES PUNTANO SRL adopts as mean of payment the system of PayPal and/or MercadoPago, which is the online payment service operated by MercadoLibre. The user will be redirected to PayPal and /or MercadoPago that are in charge of the management of payments, and thus the user must accept PayPal and/or MercadoPago terms to complete the transaction.
SAHILICES PUNTANO SRL is not involved in the reception nor storage of the means of payment; being PayPal and/or MercadoPago in charge of this process.
Delivery is done through the private mail service OCA.
Orders placed on our website will be processed from 9hs of the following business day and sent by the private mail OCA for its distribution among the following 24 business hours once processed.
The prices are expressed in American dollars and they correspond to retail prices for the final consumer and they include value added tax (VAT). They do not include delivery costs or other costs which could occasionally be added to the price.
The available prices in our website would not necessarily be the same as those in others used sale channels, such as other websites; sale points, distributors, etc. and they can be modified as well as any information in the website like products, services, prices, stock and conditions at any moment and without prior notice.
The availability of the products offered in the website is subjected to the daily movement of stock; therefore the selected product may not be in stock at the moment of the request arrival. In such case SAHILICES PUNTANO SRL will get in touch with the user to inform him about such situation and to offer him the possibility of changing the product by anyone else in stock of the same value. In the case the registered user accepts the change; the order will normally continue. On the contrary, the order will be cancelled and the money will be refunded through PayPal and/or MercadoPago conditions.