About us

BSL is a registered trademark of Sahilices Puntano S.R.L, which starts from the need posed by the industrial sector in relation to weighing systems.

First, producing a wide range of load cells and also custom developments according to the requirements of the different industrial sectors.

Next, the product range was complemented, incorporating table, platform, pallet, steel and truck scales, in addition to having accessories and Indicators / controllers for specific weighing systems, and standard weights coming to the present with a wide range of series products of our BSL brand

In the continuous innovation process, the alliance and representation of the world-leading North American Rice Lake brand and the renowned Italian brand Dini Argeo belonging to the same group emerged. Complementing the offer of our BSL brand to meet the entire spectrum of needs, whether simple, medium and high complexity demanded by the current market allowing to optimize and integrate production processes.